Development of a Mobile Solar Container prototype (MSC)

Co-financing: NATIONAL FUND FOR ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AND WATER MANAGEMENT within Priority Program No 5.11.1 „Interdisciplinary SOKÓŁ – Implementation of  Innovative Environmental Technologies”

The main objective of the project is to develop a prototype of an innovative, mobile solar container (a solar device intended for acquiring and converting electricity from solar energy and its storage), intended for use in hard-to-reach areas, in areas covered by crises / disasters or in places where conditions are difficult, power grids do not work, are poorly developed or there is no electricity infrastructure at all. The device will produce electricity from the sun’s rays and thanks to the inverter it will convert the DC current flowing from the AC power panels used in the electricity receivers, which will allow users to connect many different devices used in everyday life. It will be possible to connect smaller receivers powered with 220 V and larger receivers powered with 380 V.

The research problem is to develop a working MKS prototype taking into account all the key features required from this type of device necessary to ensure the device’s acceptance by the market, in particular:

– verification of the correctness of the currently prepared construction documentation (possibly its modification and optimization),

– verification of the prototype’s mechanical efficiency and optimization of imperfections,

– verification of energy efficiency,

– demonstrations, testing and validation of the product under real conditions (an efficient prototype can be used for pre-commercial purposes

– product demonstrations for potential customers and tests in different latitudes).

The value of the project: PLN 369,000.00

Co-financing: PLN 240,000.00.

Developed with the participation of: Business Consulting Resulto Sp. z o.o.