The technologies

Mobile Solar Container


The Mobile Solar Container (MSC) is our pride. It was our stimulus to set up our company. Moreover, we are the owners of the MSC patent.

Why was the Mobile Solar Container (MSC) created?

The MSC was created as an alternative to internal combustion units as a reply to constantly growing demand for electricity. It must be an instrument to elimination of energetic exclusion, where more than a billion people worldwide have no access to electricity and secondly, many people generate electricity from diesel generators, which are often outdated, harmful to the environment and cause autoignition, what makes them very dangerous. The MSC produces pure electricity from solar cells that can be used in any way by powering electrical appliances. The MSC is also equipped with charge regulators and high-efficiency rechargeable storage batteries to collect the produced energy, which allows to consume the energy generated in the daytime for everyday needs, for example after sunset. The MSC System is environmentally friendly and it does not create any waste nor CO2 emissions. Unlike traditional fossil fuel based generators it does not need to be powered by conventional fuels, therefore it is completely independent from fuel supplies.

What is

the Mobile Solar Container (MSC)?

Natural energy

The MSC is a mobile and transportable device that utilizes the solar energy (visible light) and converts it into the electric energy. Due to its intelligent setup system, it can start powering any chosen location in a very short period of time.

High quality

The Mobile Solar Container is equipped with highly efficient and top quality solar panels, user friendly control panel, adjustable and capacious energy storage system to collect the generated electric energy..

Alternative source

Our product is a real alternative for traditional fossil fuel and outdated polluting diesel based generators.

What are the advantages

of the Mobile Solar Container (MSC)?


It can be used in various places and carry to places where electricity is needed. The MSC device is adjustable, flexible, mobile and transportable. Our system is perfect for military areas, refugee camp sites, field hospitals, disaster areas, construction sites, industrial and oilfields areas, hotel complexes, settlement units and many more.

Easy transport

By placing any moving parts inside the container that allows it to be quickly disassembled and assembled depending on the situation, eg evacuation, storm or in other unfavorable conditions.


It is adapted to work in the most difficult terrain conditions. It can be placed on uneven ground. In addition, the retractable system is designed in that way, that the dirt which could interfere with its mobile functionality, cannot get inside it. The Mobile Solar Container requires a short setup time and thanks to a user friendly control panel, the whole system operates smoothly, easily and efficiently following just a short and minor training outlines in our operating manual

Clean energy

It does not generate waste or side effects during the electricity production, and therefore does not generate any pollution or noise in its environment.

Energy Storage

The container is equipped with a storage battery that allows you to use the energy generated in the daytime for everyday needs, for example after sunset.